Monday, 5 August 2013

Eastern Shore Sunday

We visited the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia this Sunday.  The primary objective was to visit Harbour Breezes and admire their beautiful fully-bloomed lilies and irises.  Read about it here in our shop blog.
The secondary objective (but no less important to me!) was to discover something good to eat! :-)  We visited two places...both good hits!  Both had home-made goodness written all over them.

For lunch, we ate at the Salmon River House Country Inn.  We were surprised to find German cuisine! 
First the view... sit on the patio if you like.
Breath in the spectacular view of what I presumed was Salmon River.
Next, the food!  I don't speak German so I just copied from the menu the names of some of the food we had ordered.  I am also not very familiar with German all these were quite new to me.

This is schnitzel...breaded pork cutlet, cousin of tonkatsu! :-)
...and the jaegerschnitzel--literally "hunter's schnitzel"...not breaded, and covered in mushroom sauce.  The white stuff on the side is spaetzle--described as "Bavarian noodles".  Reminded me of gnocchi
Sauerbraten--"sour roast".  Like a beef pot roast with what I think is cranberry sauce on the side.  Served with potato dumplings.
Are you hungry now? :-)  All the meats were very tender and succulent!  We had a very pleasurable dining experience.  Even waiting for the food was pleasant...sitting in an old house with quiet Baroque music.

But let's not forget strudel topped with vanilla ice cream!

For snack time, it was Dobbit Bakehouse in Musquodoboit Harbour. We thank our friend, Patti V., for recommending this place.  
Great, simple treats from the oven.  Very down-to-earth and friendly.
Care for some cinnamon rolls? :-)
Next time you are on the Eastern Shore, make sure you drop by these places!

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